How can Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) help you and how are they different?

Universities in Finland are split into two categories: Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. In this article, we will explain what is the difference and how Universities of Applied Sciences are better suitable for the working environment. 

student group work

What are Universities of Applied Sciences? Former polytechnics, Universities of Applied Sciences are work-driven and they encourage their students to have practical training. Meanwhile, Universities are mostly research-based, which means that the courses are mostly lectures and not so much work-related. 

What do the courses look like? University of Applied Sciences courses as mentioned before are very much work-driven. This means that there will be some lectures but the emphasis is just not on them. On the other hand, you have a lot of group projects, which is great because you get the chance to be and work in an international environment. This will help you understand how people from different cultures work and how to understand their points. There are not as many exams, since most of the finals mean group presentations about a specific topic related to the course. 

Another very important point is that in Universities of Applied Sciences, the students are encouraged and helped to work during their studies. This means that at the end of your studies you will graduate with working experience.

The admission requirements are usually not so demanding, meaning you only need to do an exam, for which you will be provided with all the materials (usually a case study) and a group interview to test your English skills. 

How long does it take to graduate? For a Bachelor’s Degree, it usually takes around 3.5 and 4.5 years or 210 and 270 ECTS credits, depending on the program. For a Master’s Degree, it’s around 1.5 years or 60 to 90 ECTS credits.

If you are looking for a more practice-oriented Degree, which can provide you with lots of working experience and international experience. Then a program at Universities of Applied Sciences is for you!

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